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Technology World GA is the magazine about what's next – acclimating with you the intensive assembling, the cases and the gigantic examinations that will change our lives. 

Trustworthy, through provocative segments and stunning photography, we look into the running with gigantic examinations in science, culture, business – wherever development and new persevering are reshaping our reality. 

Since the US entry of Technology World GA invited in 1993, the magazine has been synonymous with the educated and watchful examination, and a constantly solid pointer of progress. 

The UK release, affected in April 2009, is correspondingly dedicated to acquainting with you the best scholars and picture takers; inviting long-plot announcing; uncommon photography and chart; and the general open, things, and examinations that issue. pushed in March 2009 to present to you the stories, individuals, and contemplations that are changing our standard world. Our gatherings of editors in London and around the world intend to present to you the most target, captivating and moving news and parts, for the length of the day, trustworthy. 

We, in addition, intend to stream the whole substance of Technology World GA magazine on the web, so when another issue is open on step by step paper slows down, you can scan for after and read the total social affair of articles from the past issue on our site. 

Technology World GA magazine and the site need to keep contact addresses.

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