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Can These Headphones Beat City Traffic?


My ears don't play well with earbuds. I don't know whether the issue is that the gaps in my mind are too huge or too little, yet neglecting to conduit tape the damn things to my head, ear buds constantly fly out when I begin to move. Running, strolling, infrequently even simply breathing—boing!— out they go. It's irritating and granulates whatever I am doing to a dramatic stop. Furthermore, believe me, I needn't bother with any additional reasons to prevent me from practicing or consummation an exhausting phone call.

That is the reason I'm an over-the-ears earphones sort of fellow. Regularly they stay put and even go about as ear covers amid frosty climate strolls here in New York City.

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Inconvenience is I'm not an adolescent or an expert competitor, so I feel like Beats aren't generally precisely suited for my noggin. Perhaps I could unhesitatingly shake them on the off chance that I was 20 years more youthful or had quite recently set out a hot track on Kendrick Lamar's new mixtape, yet unfortunately, neither of those things are remotely valid. I need to look cool yet I can't resist the urge to feel that I look more like this:

So with all that said and GIF-ied, I was eager to attempt Sennheiser's PXC 550 earphones. In my brain, they look cool without urgently attempting to be cool. Does that bode well? Keep re-perusing that sentence until the point when it does, I'll hold up. Here's a visual to help accelerate the procedure:

See what I'm stating? Easy cool, similar to a snoozing Fonzi. In any case, looks, shocks, the imperative piece of earphones, obviously, is the means by which they sound. Given Sennheiser's notoriety for making debut sound gear, I had elevated requirements. Also, when I flew on these terrible young men, they conveyed. It resembled the skies cleared in my cloud music library. Tunes and even simply individuals talking all sounded astonishing. Here's a snappy spec check:

1.Cost: $399 (treat yo self!)

2.Weight: 7.8 ounces (Light!)

3.Overlay level outline simple to store in my man pack

4.Bluetooth 4.2 remote innovation, with choice to interface by means of line

5.NoiseGard versatile clamor cancellation, which screens outside commotion levels to give the correct concealment level required

6.Guaranteed up to 30 hours of battery life and with clamor wiping out off, endured much more

7.An Earcup-mounted touch control board that did what I asked when I jabbed it

Somewhat more on the commotion concealment: it truly works! Sennheiser needs you to hear everything great and needs you to hear it for a considerable length of time to come. The commotion scratching off tech enabled me to bring some relief of New York City's ensemble of sounds, development, and men simply slamming poop around for no obvious reason so I could hear the music without impacting my eardrums. The quality is astonishing: profound bass, sharp top of the line, crunchy outwardly and with a delicate, chewy inside. (Whoops, began discussing my evening treat there for a moment.)

With respect to the telephone headset, I don't think I've been on more fresh sounding calls before in my life. I was on one call with a person pitching a thought and it sounded awesome. The nature of the sound, that is. The buddy's thought was ghastly, yet damn in the event that it didn't seem like he was standing in that spot in the room has neither rhyme nor reason.

So if calls and music are in your future, I exceedingly prescribe adding a couple of these to your listening weapons store. Two ear takes cover!
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